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Stop Being Ashamed of the Girl You Used to Be

Be kind to your former self. 

 8 ways to Pull yourself Out of the Pit of Despair

If there was ever a year in which this article might be necessary, that year would be 2017 the Official Year of Almost Daily Bad News.

Studying abroad: What to Know before you go

Make the most of your time abroad.



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the dynamics of grief: losing my mom

"My mom was my due north, my center of gravity. And now I’m standing here alone, trying to figure out what my life looks like without her."


Yes, You Can Ask Him Out

"You didn’t have to be the smartest girl in the class to catch onto the rules of playing with boys. It was simple: proper girls don’t kiss on the playground. Classy girls never reveal their crushes in public. And good girls never ask boys out."


Women on Top: Mari Andrew

Instagram's doodling darling just gets us.

Hand-Drawn Vectors (dragged) 2.jpg