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What Nobody told me about moving to New York

"When the loneliness hits, remember that you went out last Saturday night, and it’s okay that you stayed home today. Remember that you could feel this way in any city."

STop Trying to Make Busy Happen 

“How are you doing?”


Fall TV Dramas To Get Your Mind Off Your OWn Drama

Life’s about to get hectic which makes this the perfect time to ignore your responsibilities.



throwing it back to a few of our favorites


Women on top: Rosaline zhang

“Certainly I am visually drawn to an aesthetic that’s dreamy, sentimental, emotional, romantic… but I think that can also be done in a manner that is assertive and powerful. And I think a dreamy, sentimental, emotional, romantic woman can also be a woman who is assertive and powerful.”


why you don't need that many friends

But every time I get to wondering if I’m socially inept, I end up determining the same truth: I simply don’t need nearly as many friends as it feels like society tells me I do. And logically speaking, odds are you don’t either.


sex myths magazines tell us

In my young, pre-pubescent mind, the contents of Cosmopolitan were beyond my comprehension. I hardly understood it, but the bright lettering on the cover made sex seem like something that my life would inevitably revolve around. 

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