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you graduated! NOw what?

Graduating high school is hard. Graduating college is harder. We imagined what advice we’d give ourselves, freshly graduated without a clue, to help you along.

#Thingsonlychristianwomenhear about swimsuit season

"Being confident in your body is not a sin, and neither is thinking that a girl is beautiful. (Just read Song of Solomon and you’ll see what I mean.)"

women on top: Kelly Stuckey

Kelly believes in helping other women discover what makes them feel their best, which we think deserves some major applause. 



throwing it back to a few of our favorites


i need my parents more at 24 than i did at 18

When I was 18 and overwhelmed with the expectations of life (which by the way mostly consisted of me failing to comprehend the fundamental difference between high school homework and college assignments) the last place I wanted to turn to was my parents.


why women need each other

The word “frenemie” is almost always applied to women, and we need to do something to change that. We need to realize that a win for another woman is a win for all of us.


what happens when you don't want to have sex?

I shouldn’t be denied a fulfilling romantic relationship just because I don’t particularly want that relationship to be sexual, even if I’m the one shutting down these could-be relationships before they even have a chance.

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