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was it cheating?

Desperate to cling on to the last drop of my singledom, I told the old flame yes.

#Mcm: Micah rich

He's definitely our typ(ography).

How i took my long-term relationship beyond college 

This isn’t a breakup story, and I didn’t give up on my dreams.



throwing it back to a few of our favorites


Women on top: mari andrew

It's amazing to be told that my work helps people feel less alone. All my favorite art does that for me, so I feel really flattered by that compliment and it motivates me to keep going even when it gets tough or when I'm feeling hard on myself.


5 relationship issues and expert advice on how to solve them

Relationships are our window into the self. Sure, you're investing a lot of time, effort and even money into learning as much as you can about this other person, but all the while, you're actually on a quest for self-discovery.


The dynamics of grief: losing my mom

One of the weirdest parts of all of this is that I feel like I’m grieving both the loss of my mother’s life and the person she was before she was sick, which I’d never given myself permission to do before she died.

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