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Nobody told you about post college depression

 "The real world can be disillusioning, especially when your friends and family are now asking what your next step is in life and you have no idea."

God Made Girls to do more than impress boys

"After gaping for a while, I posted a link to Facebook and went on a tangent that probably got me unfriended by at least five people."

The SHape of us

"If we are what we eat, then how am I an apple and not a jar of Jiff?"



throwing it back to a few of our favorites


yes, you can ask him out

It’s tough to live in the female world where self-control and patience are so obviously favored over confidence and action. But luckily, one size does not fit all. Not anymore.


the art of making friends post-graduation

That first act of reaching out to someone, once as easy as sharing pretzels during preschool, becomes more difficult as we grow up. 


depression: another pill to swallow

Despite the frustrating stereotypes and an elusive norm, there are five things that allow me to place myself boldly and proudly outside of the common stigma regarding mental illness. I hope these apply to anyone struggling, diagnosed and/or affected by loved ones of the sorts.

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