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women on top: liz plank 

"I realized there was a much bigger audience and it could change things, and that’s what I wanted to do, that’s why I went into policy, that’s why I became a Women’s Studies major. I was constantly stuck in this the period when, you’re like two years old, ... and you’re all, 'Life is unfair!' and ... that’s the way it is, and I was [like] no, why? Why must things be this way?"

Meet "Heroin(e)" Director Elaine McMillion Sheldon

"It’s a topic that makes headlines every day but we felt like we were interested in finding stories that maybe could provide some level of hope or some message of how we can move forward."

What It's Really Like to Be THe "Mom" In Your Friend GrouP

We've all read them: the cutesy articles about being the "mom friend" who carries Tylenol and reminds everyone to drink water. 



throwing it back to a few of our favorites


"he's mean because he likes you"

You would think that boys would grow out of the playground dynamic of 'I'm-mean-because-I-like-you." And by extension, that girls would know that it's ridiculous for men to act this way toward them in hopes of garnering affections. And that would be the end of that.


Women on top: teale dvornik

"I think that you need to be extremely confident and you have to believe in yourself. And even if you don’t feel very brave, you’ve gotta fake it."


20 books to read in your 20s

 If you’re looking for books you can relate to, books that make you say ‘I get that,’ or books that give you just the right dose of reality, look no further.  

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