ANNA Does Romantic Comedies

If romantic comedies are anything, it's romanticized. And not just in the relationship sense, but in that they're idealized, impossible representations of, well, everything.

You're never going to find a secluded, empty spot in Central Park to propose. It's just not going to happen, no matter how many '90s John Cusack films tell you otherwise.

ANNA tried replicating spectacular rom-com movie moments to see if they were possible. They weren't. But that's okay—perfection is overrated, anyway.


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EXPECTATION: Main character and love interest sit on a park bench and continue their conversation away from the semi-crowd that's walking around.

REALITY: The park bench is covered with bird poop. There is more yelling among the bustling crowd than laughter. Any attempts to be suave are distant pipe dreams as we squat and giggle and blurt out random sound effects in pure awkward dissaray. 


EXPECTATION: Main character and love interest have a heart-to-heart walking across an empty bridge, about to tell each other how they feel.

REALITY: The bridge is far too crowded (notice a pattern here?) to be anything close to empty, and there's an unfortunate breeze coming off the water, making everything colder. But the view is pretty, and we'll take what we can get.


EXPECTATION: Main character exits her Upper East Side brownstone dressed impeccably and in love with life.

REALITY: None of us can afford that nice of a brownstone in the southernmost tip of Brooklyn, much less the Upper East Side. And the oh-so-candid look of casually pouring out into your entryway with your clothing halfway tossed on and a belly laugh echoing out into the streetwe could only hope to match this level of cute carelessness drunkenly answering the door for our Seamless order. Frankly, in the winter, we never leave the house in anything less than a full-blown Michelin man/marshmallow + necessary bitch face getup. But cheers to looking cute in a momentary snapshot of dis-reality!