9 Reasons Being in a Long-Term Relationship in College Rocks

Long-term relationships often get a bad rap in college. I’ve had the same boyfriend since my senior year of high school, and I’ve heard throughout college that I should be single while I figure myself out and that I’ll regret “wasting” my youth on one guy. Although being single in college can be great, being in a committed relationship can be too. I love my boyfriend, and our relationship has only enhanced my college experience. So, here are some reasons why being in a long-term relationship in college rocks:

1. Tinder is not a part of your vocabulary. No offense to anyone who is currently online dating, but the whole process sounds exhausting from an outside perspective. My friends who have Tinder and apps like it say they enjoy the stream of new potential partners, but I’ve seen so many of them be let down time after time by people who weren’t really interested in them. Being in a committed relationship means you either met someone in real life or already became an online dating success story, so congrats on not having to deal with dating.

2. There’s no pressure to go out. Yes, partying can be fun, but I don’t want to go out every night. It often seems like we have to go to parties or bars to be social at college, but sometimes you just aren’t feeling it. A significant other is a permanent excuse to avoid the party scene, and a night in with them is usually way better anyway.

3. If you do want to go out, the experience will be more carefree because you don’t have to worry about weirdos approaching you. I love to dance with my friends, but it can be uncomfortable when you’re trying to have a good time and creepers are constantly pestering you. Your partner is built in protection from being hit on, so you can enjoy your night without stressing.

4. There’s always someone to hold your hair at the end of a crazy night. Along with protecting you from unwanted advances, your significant other will make sure you get home safe and nothing bad happens to you no matter how hard you party (as long as you talk about which one of you is going harder that night). Basically, the best way to party is with a partner because he or she will ensure your night is all about fun instead of danger.

5. A “Netflix and chill?” text actually means Netflix and chill. If you’re casually dating, there’s a lot of nervous energy around what you’ll wear and do on a date, and the uncertainty associated with hook up culture permeates college dating. With a long-term relationship, you’re sure of yourself and your partner, so date nights aren’t a nerve-wracking event; they’re actually fun. A night-in watching New Girl is suddenly an event because you have your favorite person by your side.

6. You have someone to grow with you. Yes, college is a time full of change, and that can be very confusing. Who am I, what do I want, do I even like chocolate anymore??  These uncertainties can be overwhelming, but a significant other is someone who can witness and celebrate the person you are becoming. Rather than holding you back, a partner can help you grow even more, encouraging you as you figure out who you want to be.

7. You have a built in best friend. A big part of the college experience is finding new friends, which can be really exciting, but also daunting. When you have a long-term partner, some of the pressure of finding new friends is relieved because you already have a best friend. Your partner is the person you can really be yourself around, and you don’t have to put on your “please like me I promise I’m fun” face for them. They like you just the way you are, and it is so relieving to be able to talk to them at the end of a long day of friend searching. 

8. You have a safe person. Along with a friend search, college is also a time of exploration. You may be figuring out your political views, what you want to major in, or what kind of music you like. There is a lot of stuff to figure out, and you need some way to process it. A significant other is the perfect person to discuss your innermost thoughts with because they’re basically forced to keep your secrets (I made my boyfriend write it in a contract. Jk. But I’m sure someone has done that). But on the real, it is so comforting to have a person to talk to about whatever is going through your mind and know they won’t judge you or spread your secrets around.

9.  You’re in love. If you’re in a long-term relationship with someone, you’re more likely than not in love, one of the most sought after feelings in the history of the human race. It isn’t all butterflies and roses after a few months, but a different kind of romance settles in that make you feel seen and heard for who you are. You have someone who makes you feel cherished, confident, and you can’t get enough of him or her. Don’t let the haters get you down; enjoy your love fest and revel in all the feels.

Feature photo: Josh Felise/ VIA Unsplash.