Pajama Sets

All I’m saying is that the feeling of going to bed and waking up in a fly-as-hell pajama set is unmatched and highly recommendable.

Here at ANNA, we’ve been talking a lot about what it means to transition into adulthood and how we as young women learn to navigate the changing landscapes that the world of young professionalism presents. Adulthood can mean many things to many people, and all of them are pretty valid as long as they follow the guidelines often discussed: pay your bills, dress appropriately, drop the “like” in your vocabulary, kidnap a boyfriend, etc. But after all the articles, listicles and focus research, I am going to do you the favor that no one else has done for you before. I am going to cut to the chase and you may not like it. I am about to give you information that will change your world. I am going to let you in on a little knowledge that is seldom discussed or shared and tell you that all of those adulthood tips ain’t SHIT until you’ve embraced the joy that are pajama sets.

Yeah, you heard me right.

In case you haven’t heard, pajama sets are IN. Look, if you are one of those poor souls who has yet to purchase a pajama set — it’s ok, I forgive you. If you didn’t know, pajama sets have been a near unspoken trend since the dawn of time, and only recently have I become a child of the craze and volunteered myself as a spokesperson for the joys of pajama sets. My calling, in short, is to spread the gospel of pajamas.

Pajama sets have been a necessary staple for everyone you have ever loved and admired in the world; you may have just never picked up on it. That’s why I did the research for you. Let's go back in time.

The word “pajama” came from the Indian word piejamah, which were loose trousers that Indians wore and invented. So just like everything good and great, British colonists in the 1800s decided to adopt them for napping and claimed them as theirs. These trendy pants looked a little like this:

Oh? What is that you say? Those look like the boho pants that white girls wear to and fro as trendy summer pants these days? Say it ain’t so! We strike again!

Turns out pajamas then became the hot item in the 1900s and were really useful for varying temperatures. The long hats, specifically, were a great and trendy accessory that doubled as a head warmer. Often the hat was long enough to wrap around the neck as a bedtime scarf as well. This type of pajama set was featured very often in illustrations, movies, and pop culture. You know a trend is hot when Mr. Scrooge from A Christmas Carol wears it in every adaption ever — so hot in fact, that you can even dress up as him for Halloween.

Pajama sets took a sexy turn when Hollywood starlets began to wear them on screen. Famous scenes featuring Lucille Ball, Claudette Colbert, Doris Day, and every basic bitch’s favorite, Audrey Hepburn, made pajama sets the must-have item of any modern woman.

To be honest, once Audrey wore something, the world followed, and so began the trendy trade of pajamas sets. Maybe in my next article, I’ll craft a slideshow of all the fabulous pajama sets featured on Mad Men because, let me tell you, that is some high-caliber stuff.

I could go further into the modern history of the pajama sets and nightgowns, but like I said, once Audrey and other movie stars started wearing them, there was little else to wear to sleep at night. Movies like GreaseAnimal House and nearly every chick flick of the new millennium featured trendy pajama sets. Hell, it’s even a common sorority and fraternity mixer theme.

But wait a minute, you may say, just because Hollywood portrays women in fun and flirty pajama sets doesn’t mean I should feel pressured to conform to the mounting expectations that the media already casts upon me!

Look, I agree. The women in these movies and TV shows project a standard of beauty that is unrealistic for people like you and me to keep up with, or even expect ourselves to meet. We shouldn’t let these pressures guide our lives. I mean, if you want to wear sweatpants and a comfy old T-shirt to bed every night, then by all means, go ahead. Similarly, if you want to wear a sexy nightgown every night, then that’s cool too.

My greatest argument for my correlation between pajama sets and adulthood is simply the idea of being put together. Isn’t that why we go out and buy our first business suit? Isn’t that why we make sure we look presentable, however that may apply to any one person, for everyday life? Why shouldn’t we apply it to what we sleep in? All I’m saying is that the feeling of going to bed and waking up in a fly-as-hell pajama set is unmatched and highly recommendable. And in my opinion they are the comfiest form of bedwear around the block.

There are many examples of pajama sets that are realistic, conservative, yet trendy. And even better, they are affordable. Victoria’s Secret has a great first pajama set that isn’t over the top; J Crew has a great cotton set; Calvin Klein has a short-sleeved for the summer months; and for when it’s the holidays, a festive themed pajama set is always in style.

With the help of pajama sets, you too can be a fully functioning adult from sunrise to sunset. What do you have to lose? Join me on the dark side; we have eye masks and cookies.