5 Foods From the 90s We Need To Survive The Twenty-First Century

We wish we could all go back to the 90s. None of us paid bills, and it was filled with the best tv shows (Lizzie McGuire come back!), best movies, and fashion trends we’re all clamoring to get a taste of in 2015.

But nothing, nothing, beats the food. By the grace of the cereal gods they resurrected French Toast Crunch, but what about all those other delicious snacks and cereals we devoured during our youth? Here’s my list of the top five 90s food we need to get through adulting.

1. Dunkaroos: Can you explain to me what’s better than a package of tiny cinnamon cookies and a tiny bucket of frosting in your lunch bag at school? Damn right you can’t! Doesn’t matter how you ate the combo (cookies first, frosting second), it felt like a dessert you weren’t really supposed to be eating. The frosting was the crown jewel, and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t kill for a taste as an adult.

2. Trix Shaped Like Fruit: I don’t know when General Mills decided to make the switch from fruit shaped Trix to little colorful balls, but they messed it up. There was something about the fruit shapes that set it apart from the Fruity Pebbles and Fruit Loops of the world. It definitely tricked our young minds into thinking we were eating something healthy. I wouldn’t mind that kind of illusion today...

3. Oreo O’s: If you asked your parents for Oreos for breakfast, I’m sure they would have looked at you funny. But with Oreo O’s there was no side-eye, no argument, only a bowl of deliciousness you can shove in your mouth without guilt. That was their magic. As an adult you could have cookies for breakfast if you wanted to. It’s your life! Oreo O’s would be the best of both worlds. A responsible cookie breakfast.

4. Wonderballs: Sometimes you get a hankering for chocolate, and sometimes you could go for a Sweet Tart. But instead of buying a Hershey bar and a box of Sweet Tarts, the Wonderball would come to the rescue. There was always something fun about cracking open that hollow ball to see what kind of candy shapes you had awaiting you. With a temporary tattoo or sticker in the box as well, how can you not be in wonder as a grown-up? It’s like a Christmas of surprises!

5. Doritos 3Ds: Doritos has been doing the most with their endless flavors and partnership with Taco Bell, but before all of that, they started with the Doritos 3Ds. Those fun puffy chips were a combination of nacho goodness (like the original Doritos) and a light crispness, which you get from a regular cheese puff. They made great finger footballs, and the mini ones came in a reusable tube that made it perfect for saving them for later. It’s the perfect snack to keep in your bag for those hangry moments. We all could use the immediate relief every now and again.

Ultimately, there’s all kinds of snacks out there these days, but none of them will compare to the ones we grew up on. Cereal gods, if you're reading this, please remember that bringing these favorites back would be doing a great service not only for the kids today, but for the 90s kids who are desperate to have a big bowl of Oreos for breakfast again.