How To Boil Water: Lunch

Does anyone else feel let down by lunch? I miss the days when a brown bag magically appeared by my backpack. Inside sat a fun-shaped turkey sandwich, a cracker of some sort, an apple (that I always managed to pawn off on a friend), and an organic version of Oreos (think cardboard with a hint of chocolate).

Since I am now left to own my own devices with little motivation in the mornings, I’ve learned that making lunch is less about cooking and more about combining. The perfect lunch is: quick to make, affordable, healthy, and filling. Incorporating what you have handy in your fridge makes throwing a last minute meal together in the morning fast and easy. Make extra chicken for dinner and stuff it in a wrap, or slap it between a tortilla with cheese. Pack your salad the night before and grab dressing on your way out the door, or assemble a grilled margherita sandwich in the morning and heat it with a zap in the office microwave. Since lunch has gotten the best of all of us, I've come up with a few ideas to help you beat that midday slump without relying on the vending machine.

If you want to balance out your weekend carb-fest (worth it) with something a little greener

Green Goddess

Mixed green salad, multi-grain chips, 1 hard-boiled egg, grapes, graham crackers. Craft the salad to satisfy whatever you are craving. I like to toss on strawberries, blueberries, feta cheese, sunflower seeds, and store-brought strawberry balsamic dressing.

If last night's chicken is ready for another go:

Eat More Chik’n

Stuff a wrap with chicken, lettuce and tomato. Serve with apple slices, hummus & pita chips, and Dove dark chocolate bites

If you're feeling oh-so-fancy and have fresh tomatoes:


Melty margherita sandwich (French bread toasted and sprinkled with olive oil, sliced tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, salt & pepper, fresh mozzarella slices),
2 hard-boiled eggs, cucumber slices, and a brownie to balance out all those vegetables

If you want to dress up your #basic avocado toast

Green Eggs & Hummus

Fried egg & avocado sandwich, apple slices, hummus & pita chips


Lauren could eat breakfast for every meal of the day. She would do anything for a chocolate chip cookie, and occasionally, she likes to play hide & seek with her pup. She is a proud (though teased) member of the house of Hufflepuff, a lover of travel, and is addicted to murder mystery novels. You can find Lauren cooking her way through life on Instagram @lauren_elizabeth793.

Feature photo by Randy Heinitz/ VIA Flickr