Last Minute Things to Do With Your Siblings

No minute like the last minute to start building a better, “more adult” relationship with your siblings! No more complaining to mom that big brother ate the last cookie (I can’t be the only who does that), no more yelling at your sister when she borrows one of your shirts without asking (let’s be real, you don’t even like the shirt that much), and no more holing up in your room in the hopes that everyone will forget you are there.

Below are five things you can do with your siblings before the weekend is over (not including Netflix, because it can be hell getting everyone to agree on what to watch.)

Cook a Meal Together

You don’t have to be a culinary wizard to enjoy this. You and your siblings can all pitch in to pay for ingredients for a recipe you’ve never made before. Fun is to be found in experimenting. Enjoy a glass (or bottle) of wine while you’re cooking and just talk. Get to know your siblings better. You can even make it a family affair by serving the (hopefully) tasty meal to your parents.

Go Old School

Go back to the 90s and bring out your competitive side with some games. Who can fit more pieces to a puzzles? (my sister) Who can solve a game of Clue the fastest? (my brother) Who can kick ass in Tekken? (that would be me)

Take a Hike

Again, bring out the competitors in you, and see who can run (okay, walk) one mile the fastest—because God knows how much you ate this holiday. Find a mountain to hike, very slowly and with great difficulty, or just take a lap around the neighborhood.

Drink, drink, drink!

Now, you need to decide if you’re the “drink to have fun” or “drink to get drunk” type of siblings. Personally, I’m good with a casual drink with my siblings at some place like World of Beer. (My siblings never ever need to know what happens when I’m truly drunk.) Either way, the point of this activity is that you get out of the house and be social with each other—even if all you talk about is how much your parents annoy you sometimes.

Chill at Your Local Hipster Establishment

Grab a coffee, tea, milkshake, WHATEVER! Fight over who is going to pay for it, I don’t care. Enjoy your hipster beverage while you catch up with each other’s lives.

Feature photo by Kevin Dooley/ VIA Flickr