The Thanksgiving Drinking Game

Take a drink if people look at you with uncertainty when you say “I don’t want a serious commitment right now.”

If you’re like me, your extended family is made up of a curious bunch of people. “Addie, why is there no boy here for Thanksgiving?” or “Addie, why doesn’t your job pay enough to support your love of shopping?” (okay, the last one is what my credit card company is asking me, but still).

So, here at ANNA, we decided to make the painful questions we are all pestered with at Thanksgiving into a drinking game. Because if there’s one way to get through this holiday season, it is with a trusty bottle of Merlot (which goes great with turkey), and the secret knowledge that you’re playing a game hidden from those around you. So, cheers to you, ANNA readers. Here’s hoping the holidays don’t bring you to a quarter life crisis.



Take a drink if...

  • Anyone asks you about your love life.
  • Someone asks you about your student debt.
  • A person "just trying to be helpful" recommends buying a cat, a dog or some other small creature to help you fend off loneliness.
  • Someone asks if you’ve gained or lost weight.
  • People look at you with uncertainty when you say “I don’t want a serious commitment right now.”

Finish your drink if...

  • Another "helpful" person tries to set you up with a friend’s son or daughter. I do not care how nice Tom is, guys, he is not my type.
  • Anyone comments on how much food you’re eating. It’s Thanksgiving, I intentionally wear pants with elastic so I can overeat. Gosh).
  • Someone tells you “It’s okay, your first job isn’t supposed to be fun or get you a lot of money.” Cool, what job does do those things? Can someone refer it to me?

Sneak off and take a shot of whiskey if...

  • Your tumultuous love life is brought up more than three times.
  • People tell you they need great-grandkids before they die, because for whatever reason your grandmother desperately needs to buy some adorable pink outfit for a child that will not enter the world for a while.

Run away with the pumpkin pie if...

  • You feel like it. You do you, girl.

Feature photo by Andrew Knechel VIA Unsplash