Why Your Adult Relationship with Your Mom is the Shit

Photo by Lauren Geiger

Photo by Lauren Geiger

Mother-daughter relationships are not always perfect, especially during your teenage years. But the good news is that when you become an adult, you and your mom will have a totally new kind of relationship that will let you see what’s so cool about her. Here are the top five reasons your adult relationship with your mom is the shit:

  1. You will actually tell her stuff because you aren’t worried about getting in trouble. Keeping secrets from your mom is one of the biggest barriers in your relationship, but the things you kept secret from her don’t have to be secret anymore. You’ll bond by talking to her about the mistakes you made drinking or who you lost your virginity to, which high school you could never imagine. All of a sudden, your mom will stop being the punisher and become your friend and confidant, and that transformation is really cool.

2. You have your own space. Living with your mom can be too much—she always wants to know what you’re doing, she wants you to stay home a lot, and you don’t feel like you can do what you want. But when you live apart from your mom, you’ll realize that you actually enjoy spending time with her and will make the effort to make plans with her. When it comes to moms, absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

3. You can drink together. Nuff said.

4. You mom will start telling you all of the family secrets because you’re mature enough to handle the disturbing information and can keep it quiet. Finding out how your crazy great aunt really lost her second husband will bring you and your mom closer than ever.

5. You’ll be truly on your own, so you’ll need her advice. Adult life is scary and complicated, so who could be better to guide you through it than someone who has done it before with half of your DNA? Adult-you will be able to see all of the amazing things your mom has to offer, so enjoy the new role your mom will play in your life in the years to come.