Yes, Mom, I Have Friends

“Can six weeks change your life?” This was the question New York University asked upon my admission into the Summer Publishing Institute. The simple answer is yes. But it was the people, not the classes that ultimately changed my life.

They say that at a certain age you will know if you can be friends with someone from within minutes of meeting him or her. NYU proved that true. My first night in New York City, a group of us all went out to dinner together. I walked with two girls, and within seconds we had hit it off. We walked ten blocks together that night, but those ten blocks quickly became the building blocks of a strong friendship (I know, I hate myself for that pun too.)



At dinner, a boy and I knew we were spirit animals due to our mutual love of pizza and hockey. Another girl and I realized we had mutual friends that she had gone to college with. At this point, it was only an hour in and I had made friends that I’m still close with today, months later and miles away.

These people became my support system in New York and have stayed my support system far outside the city. I met a girl with the same brain as mine. I met a girl who would go out with me at night and get French fries after walking twenty blocks to a disgusting dive bar, where we ran into a boy I had gone to elementary school with in Virginia. I met a girl I lived with for three weeks in Brooklyn while I sorted my life out. I met a girl who woke up early with me one morning to go see Jason Segel on Live with Kelly and Michael. We all ate pizza together. We drank a ton of wine together. We nerded out about books and magazines together. Within moments, something clicked and we became true friends.

 I’ve moved away from New York and have started a new chapter in my life. In my new home, I made friends just as quickly. At a certain age, you just know what kind of personalities you’re going to get along with. You no longer feel as if you have to pretend to be someone you’re not or take an interest in things that bore you. As my friends and I found this summer, common interests (like pizza) and values (also pizza) draw people together and form lasting bonds.

I’m not saying that you’ll establish a Friends worthy friend group within six weeks like I was so lucky to. However, as a young adult, you’re now able to look at someone and say if he or she is going to be in your life for a long time. Because once you’re past the high school drama and politics of college life, you’re able to truly look at people without any influences. And without those influences, you’ll find that most people are super cool in their own right. Unless they don’t like pizza, then they’ll never be cool.

Feature photo by Seth Doyle VIA Unsplash