10 Valentines Day Gifts Under $10 for all the Loves in Your Life

Valentines Day is swiftly approaching, and that means its time to show the people you love (significant others, friends, moms, your dog) just how much you care. But, surprise, you’re still poor. To help you show your love without breaking your bank account’s heart, ANNA has found 10 items under $10 that you can give to everyone you love this V-Day.

1. “Pizza is My Valentine” socks

These speak the truth and can be worn everyday of the year. They’re the perfect gift for a friend (or yourself).

2. “Sorry, I Can’t. I Have Plans with my Cat” shirt

For your best friend that is a future cat lady. It’s adorable and will stop people from asking her what she’s doing for Valentines Day.

3. “Me Without You” book

This book is short and explains to your significant other why you love them without being predictable like a card. It’s original and sweet, just like you (sorry, had to bring the cheesiness for a sec).

4. “I Love You Mom” coloring book

As we’ve mentioned in a few posts, adult coloring books are all the rage, and mom will love them too. Every time she doodles in this book, she’ll remember that you love her.

5. Dog Toy

Let’s be real, your dog is clearly the most loved person in your life. Remind your pup that you love them with this squeak toy (even though he’ll have no idea why he’s getting a present).

6. Cards Against Humanity

You can give this gift to anyone in your life because this game is bomb. Cards Against Humanity really is the gift that keeps on giving, and you can enjoy it with whomever you give it to. 10/10 would buy.

7. Picture Frame

This picture frame set is perfect for your Work wife/husband. Put in some pictures of you guys goofing off at the Staff holiday party, and you’ll instantly make them remember why they’re glad you two chose to stick together when you’re on the job.

8. Valentines Day Webkinz

For all of our readers with kids, here is a really cute stuffed animal that will remind your child they are loved. Also, I remember Webkinz being the bees knees when I was a kid, so you’ll probably be deemed parent of the year for buying it.

9. Star Wars Valentines Card Set

These can be for your co-workers, or your class if you’re a teacher. Everyone loves Star Wars, so you’re safe giving them out in bulk.


Everyone knows Valentines Day is about candy. Buy it for anyone and everyone because food is love.

Feature photo by Susanne Nilsson/ VIA Flickr.