15 Reasons to Date a Guy Who Reads

1. He gives the BEST gifts.
Who needs jewelry or flowers when you could have books?  Whatever you like, he’ll be sure to find a fresh title that sweeps you off your feet.  Or maybe he’ll give you one of his personal favorites.  If you’re lucky, he’ll get creative:  pair a speakeasy adventure with The Great Gatsby, a bottle of champagne with The Three Musketeers, or a few months of martial arts lessons with a thriller like The Intern’s Handbook.

Photo by Lauren Geiger

Photo by Lauren Geiger

2. His ideal date involves stopping at a bookstore on the way to dinner.
Not much is better than exploring a bookstore with your beau.  If it’s an early date, it’s a great way to get to know each other.  He’ll be eager to show you his favorite books — and vice versa.  If you’ve been dating for a while, sit down and read a few chapters together.  Or make a game of it!  See who can find the weirdest title.  (Hint:  the romance section is a good place to start).

3. He understands more than the pictures in the Kama Sutra.
Spice up your sex life!  Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes those words do give good tips.

4 . If you’re really lucky, he’ll recite love poetry for you.
Not everyone likes poetry, but if he does, you’re in for a treat!  Stay in one night and read your favorites to each other.

5. He might even write it.
Even better.

6. He knows what “wherefore” means in “Wherefore art thou Romeo?”
Believe it or not, this is a question on OKCupid.

7. He has a library from which you can borrow books whenever you’d like.
Between the two of you, you probably have enough titles to start your own bookstore.  Browse his shelves.  If something interests you, ask him about it.

8. He appreciates quiet time.
Sometimes you just want to sit back and relax with a good book.  He won’t mind the peace and quiet.  In fact, he will be right there with you.

9. You never run out of things to talk about.
Harry Potter conversations will never get old.

10. He will watch Jane Austen-inspired chick flicks with you.
I highly recommend Austenland.

11. And enjoy them.

2. His ideal vacation spots involve the settings of your favorite books.
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios?  Yes, please.  The Hemingway enthusiast might want to explore Pamplona, a fan of Treasure Island will enjoy a trip to the Caribbean, and so on.

13. He patiently waits for you to finish a chapter (and the one after that) because you have to know what happens.
He knows how that feels.

14. He provides you with tissues and hugs when your favorite character dies.
He’s the only person who can make it better.

15. True, he’ll never be Mr. Darcy or Rhett Butler.  He’s better because he’s real.
It's fun to swoon over book boyfriends, but ultimately, they aren't the ones who will make your heart flutter.

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Feature photo by Josh Felise/ VIA Unsplash