Coffee Cup People, Please Chill

It's a coffee cup, not a political statement.

I'm marginally upset that it's Sunday night and I'm writing my editor's note about the absence of Christmas on Starbucks cups. I wasted twenty minutes of my life I will never get back skimming articles that outlined the uproar certain Christians have started over the lack of "Christmas" on their coffee.

My first thought: Do you people really have nothing more pressing to worry about?



And secondly, since when do Starbucks cups signify a personal commitment to Christmas as a religious holiday? I'm a Christian, as well as a huge fan of Santa Claus, and I couldn't care less whether my grande-caramel-macchiato is decked out with snowflakes or plain Jane red. With war, famine, worldwide religious persecution, and terrorism running rampant, I have to believe Jesus wouldn't either.

If Starbucks wants to switch to cranberry hues for their brews, that's their right because #merica. But more than that, IT DOES NOT REALLY MATTER. It's a coffee cup, not a political statement.

It's almost embarrassing how much this topic is trending. And as reluctant as I am to add to the conversation, I think it's important to point out that there's many more worthy causes we can contribute our voices to. Imagine if the refugee crisis received as much daily uproar and conversation as these cups have. The power that could be if we were equally angry about the fact that more young Americans now die from gun violence than cars? Or if we started talking about the horrifying reasons why 70% of women worldwide will experience physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime? 

What if we blew up social media with pleas for a global understanding of all religions and practices, not cries of persecution over our daily caffeine fix? Let's use this as a wake up call and start holding ourselves accountable to the issues that affect humanity around the world, not just the local coffee shop.

As the holiday season approaches, cranberry coffee cups are likely only the beginning of many grumbles and groans. Genuine religious practice, whether you worship the sun or Buddha, comes from living your values, acting with love instead of malice, contributing your time to worthy causes, and practicing what you preach.  I can only hope the absurdity of the current Starbucks situation makes us stop and think about what really matters during the holidays. It's certainly not the color of coffee cups.

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Feature photo by Mark Daynes/ VIA Unsplash