Dear Sophia Benoit: Letter from the Editor

Dear Sophia Benoit,

When we read your article, we may or may not have fangirled just a bit. How could we not? From forgetting about burpees to keeping your wardrobe real to articles that highlight the messy aspects of womanhood, we knew from your wishes for women's magazines that you were an ANNA girl. This week, we've worked hard to give you what you want - pieces that play to the very real struggle that we all know as women. There's a (very helpful) tutorial on how to shave, a realistic fitness article that forgets burpies altogether, and a list of movies to watch without your boyfriend.

But since you seem so down to earth, I think you would agree that this editor's letter should be more than just bragging about our writers and their great work this week. It seems insensitive to flippantly talk about burpees when Paris is crying. In apparent retaliation to France's recent airstrikes in Syria and Iran, ISIS killed people enjoying the very pleasures that they stand against. They gunned down men and women as they toasted each other with wine, danced to a band, and cheered on their soccer team. In Beruit, ISIS suicide bombers killed scores of innocent people during rush hour. The Beruit attack hasn't recieved as much media attention, but it's yet another horrific realization of the tragic extent humanity will go to hurt each other.

Art by Jean Jullien

Art by Jean Jullien

In the face of this evil, France has stood stalwart. Their brave refusal to let fear win is inspiring and if you'd like to help, there's options whether you are near Paris or across the pond. We encourage you to keep the people of Paris, and the world, in your hearts. In light of these tragedies, we hope that this week's content lifts our readers up and gives them some levity. Like France, we wanted to celebrate life.

Feature photo by Greta Schölderle Møller/ VIA Unsplash