Evolution, Church, and Tacos: Bieber Talks Religion

Justin, what do you mean? 

Complex recently did an interview with Justin Bieber titled “The Deep End,” which discusses the journey he made from teen sensation to adult celebrity. As a Christian myself, his comments on Christianity were most interesting to me. Bieber considers himself a Christian as well, and reveals this through a comment regarding the creation of the world. I know, light stuff right?

Bieber says believing in the creation story of Christianity isn’t much harder than believing in the Big Bang Theory. He says the the Big Bang Theory is equivalent to “putting a bunch of gold into a box, shaking it up, and out comes a Rolex,”—a notion that’s not much easier to believe God created the world in seven days.

Although I don’t know much about the Big Bang Theory (unless we are talking about the TV show, in which case I know a pretty good bit), I do know that Bieber seems to be speaking to a truth about the rocky relationship between science and religion.

That “truth” seems to be that that relationship is getting better because the opposing theories are equally difficult to swallow. It’s not uncommon to find Christian who believes the Big Bang Theory and Creationism aren’t mutually exclusive.

Many Christians are able to believe in a combination of the two types of creation stories. They see that some of the more scientific explanations in the Big Bang Theory, although complicated, can coexist with the story of an “all powerful creator.” For instance, some consider that the evolution could have easily happened during the time God created the world (they believe the seven days it took God to create the world were much longer than seven days today).

Who or what else could take something very simple and shake it up to ultimately create a planet as complicated as Earth, other than a complex God such as the one found in Christianity? Today, when secular thinking is becoming more common, the combining of the two creation stories will probably become more prominent (probably a good thing!).

*Stomach and uterus both emotionally conflicted* Image source: brit.co

*Stomach and uterus both emotionally conflicted* Image source: brit.co

After Bieber gives his two cents on the creation of the universe, he also gives us some insight on the church in general. Justin states:

“You don’t need to go to church to be a Christian. If you go to Taco Bell, that doesn’t make you a taco.”

Given the popularity of this quote in particular, I have one question: Why isn’t Taco Bell taking this opportunity to run a special?

For example, come dressed as a taco to get a free taco. They could even get Bieber to star in a commercial. Food for thought, amirite? At any rate, I think a lot of people around Justin’s age who have both gone to Taco Bell without becoming a taco and not gone to church while still being a Christian would agree with his statement.

Going to a building that happens to have a cross on it is doesn’t make a person a true Christian. In the same way, being a Christian doesn't automatically make you a good person. Bieber says that part of the problem with church is that some people find Christianity helpful, but are just “bad communicators” when it comes to sharing that sentiment with others. Some— Christians included—would agree that the biggest problem with churches now is their inability to communicate well with the people they are trying to reach.

Bieber took two major concerns that many people have with Christianity now and talked about them honestly. Give the full interview a read, but don’t be surprised when you come to the same final question I had: Is the number of people who are Christians and don’t go to church higher or lower than the number of people who would dress up like a taco for free Taco Bell?

Feature photo by Adrian Pelletier/ VIA Unsplash