New Study Says a Good Man Ain't So Hard to Find

Boys, better start saving some kittens from trees.

“Nice guys finish last.” Green Day says so, Reality Bites says so, and so does pretty much every other song and movie from the ‘90s. Thankfully our taste in romantic partners, and consequently our entertainment media, has matured since then, and now we’ve got the proof.

Photo and feature photo by Cody Maldonado @cxdy_david

Photo and feature photo by Cody Maldonado @cxdy_david

Two hundred women were recently surveyed in a UK study by the University of Worcester and the University of Sunderland to answer the age-old question: Is a man who performs good deeds more appealing as a mate than a hot asshole?

The women were presented with pairs of photos of men who either demonstrated altruistic behavior, like jumping into a raging river to save a child, or selfish behavior, like letting the kid drown because the current was too fast. (Key criteria to consider when choosing your child's father, ladies.)

The women eyed the range of guys and overall decided there was no room at their future family dinner tables for a selfish man. They were more attracted to the kind gestures of a less attractive man than a chiseled douchebag. Bravo, ladies.

Now, the women did prefer a man most when he was gorgeous and kind-hearted. And, I mean, duh. Straight women have only been seeking that guy since the dawn of time.

What this study ultimately proves is that any guy can win the mating game as long as they rescue a few puppies or volunteer at food kitchens on the side. Modern psychology now says so.

Now excuse me while I personally thank each and every one of my local volunteer firemen for putting their lives on the line every day to ensure the safety of their neighbors. It's the least I can do.