Rolling as a Third Wheel

Sometimes you just have to take a break from being reminded of how single you are.

Three is not the magic number when it comes to dating. When you’re a twenty-something it’s all about even numbers: a date with someone you can handle, a double date with you and your bestie.

Tumblr via keygateiron

Tumblr via keygateiron

God forbid someone’s date falls through. They suddenly come down with a horrific 24-hour stomach virus. NEWS FLASH: There’s no virus. There never IS a virus.

That’s just one of many common excuses, including but not limited to: flat tires, colds, and diarrhea. People use all of these and more to get out of hanging with a couple, because it’s just that awkward. Think about it; they’d rather be fictionally hacking up a lung than dealing with the weird, sad reality of being a third wheel. Believe me, at times I would too.

Being a third wheel is always seen as the absolute worst situation with your friends. But as an expert Third-Wheeler I’ve found there are some high points to being one too.

You’re free to pimp as you please.

It’s 9PM on Friday and you thought it was going to be a girls night. You even posted pictures with your bestie on Instagram (#girlsnight) to make it official. Then your best friend's boyfriend pops up at the bar and turns #girlsnight into #thirdwheeling. UGH!

Instead of being huffy about how single you are, use this chance to increase your pimp status at the bar, restaurant, or wherever you are with the sickeningly sweet duo. Flirt with the waiter or bartender. Find a hottie to shake your groove thang with on the dancefloor. Just because you're third-wheeling doesn’t mean you have to be flat.

You get to play devil's advocate.

Tumblr via strawberrysugar11

Tumblr via strawberrysugar11

If you’re a regular Third-Wheeler like myself, you know that couple in your circle of friends who loves to have “deep, meaningful” conversations. They think they’re so like-minded, and frankly it’s a tad nauseating. They could be discussing who the voice of Moses in The Prince of Egypt was for all you care, but as soon as you give an opposition the conversation gets good!

Playing devil’s advocate isn’t just a freedom; it’s basically your duty. You have to be the voice of some kind of reality in their fantasy bubble. Create a friendly debate. Let them know that other opinions and possibilities exist outside of their perfect world as a couple. Be the friend they go to for the reality check. They need it every now and then.

You’re next in line for a set-up.

Being a third wheel can get old, fast. Sometimes you just have to take a break from being reminded of how single you are. But if you’re a couple’s usual third wheel, chances are they’ve already been plotting to get you someone of your own. A third wheel can be as awkward for them as it is for you.

As the go-to third, when another single friend pops into your couple’s memory bank you’re first for introductions. Not only do they want to feel that they’re doing you a favor, but they’re helping themselves in the process. Now you can get out of their faces and into someone else’s. You’re welcome.

Just because you’re a third wheel doesn’t mean the hangout sesh is completely ruined. Sure, if you had a choice you probably would rather not deal. But when life throws a pie in your face you might as well have ice cream with it. So embrace being a third wheel! The least you can do is enjoy the ride.

Feature photo by Josh Felise/ VIA Unsplash