Why Shawn and Angela Were THE Couple On Boy Meets World

As a product of the early 90’s, I grew up watching Boy Meets World religiously. Who didn’t? It had the perfect blend of teen angst, drama, comedy, and life lessons that today’s TV shows wished they could capture.

And if you ask any cult follower, they’ll tell you that the show’s crown jewel of relationships was Cory and Topanga.

I followed that young adult novel of a relationship too, but to me the couple that got all the feels was Shawn and Angela. They were the most relatable couple on Boy Meets World, and they were unfortunately overshadowed by the epicness that was Cory and Topanga.

Read on for a few reasons why Shawn and Angela were far superior to Cory and Topanga. Yeah I said it.

1. Shawn

When you say the name Shawn Hunter a little part of me (pathetically) swoons. As he got older he morphed from high-school womanizer to a broken and sensitive soul we all wanted to fix. He was intelligent, creative, and the type of guy we wished we met at the coffee shop on our college campus.

ABC/ Via Pinterest & Buzzfeed

ABC/ Via Pinterest & Buzzfeed

In the age old question of Shawn or Cory, you want to be practical. But let’s be honest. Shawn caused many sexual awakenings for girls everywhere. We all fantasized at least once about being the one girl to halt his serial dating. Then we got a name and a face for her: Angela.

2. They weren’t a fairy tale. 

For years we were drowned in the storybook romance of Cory and Topanga. They grew up together in the same town. They knew each other since they were babies. Like, hello, adorable. Naturally, they fell in love after being good friends with each other for years. It was a relationship we all hopelessly wanted but the chances of it becoming reality were slim to none.

But Shawn and Angela were attainable. They both had lots of baggage; both of them had mothers who left, thus instilling fears of abandonment and rejection. They both felt like outsiders in their postcard Philadelphia school; Shawn lived in a trailer park and Angela was a military brat. And they had to start their relationship from the ground up by getting to know each other.

Real relationships take time to figure things out. They have makeups, breakups, and lots of “I don’t know how I feel or what I want.” No other relationship showed that more than Shawn and Angela.

3. They were an interracial couple.

Can you count how many interracial couples you saw on TV in 1997? I can only think of two including Shawn and Angela. The other was Joey Potter’s sister and brother in-law on Dawson Creek, and we barely saw the brother-in-law.

But even though Angela being black never came up in the relationship with Shawn, as a black girl it spoke volumes to me. Without getting super heavy on you, TV hasn’t given us the best image of black women in relationships. Often, black women are portrayed as undesirable to men who aren’t black. Shawn and Angela’s relationship crushed that entire notion.

ABC/ Via Getty Images

ABC/ Via Getty Images

It showed that black women are actually valued by men of other races, and that two people can fall in love with each other just for who they are.

After all, Shawn was in love with Angela before he even met her. It was the contents of her purse he found in the halls that pushed him head over heels. Apparently all it takes is a book of sonnets, some kiwi flavored lip balm, Junior Mints, and a CD with classical music to catch a guy like Shawn. If only it was that easy.

But that was the beauty of Shawn and Angela. Nothing about their relationship was sugar coated or easy. From the time they dated in high school, to the day Shawn let Angela travel the world with her father, they had ups and downs that put their relationship through very different and realistic stages. Through them we learned what it was like to fall in love fast and hard, how to accept someone’s flaws while they accept your own, how to make each other better people, and how to deal with a heart-wrenching breakup and remain friends after. .

Anyone would kill for a Cory and Topanga situation. They were the golden couple and something even Shawn and Angela strived to be. But it’s really the messy Shawn and Angela relationships that we hope to experience at least once in our lifetime.

That’s all we can ask for.