Why Slumber Parties Need to Come Back

One of the greatest parts of my childhood was slumber parties. There was nothing else like the magic of knowing for at least 12 straight hours, you would have time with just you and your girls. But as girls become women, sleepovers become less frequent, and we lose some of that essential girl time that made our female friendships so strong. I don’t want to lose the special bond I have with my girlfriends just because I’m an “adult.” So ladies, I’m calling on all of you to help me bring back slumber parties. If you need some more convincing, I have compiled a list of the top five reasons slumber parties are the best.

Illustration by Emily Rice.

Illustration by Emily Rice.

No Interruptions: One of the hardest parts about being a grown up is that you’re constantly busy, and all that grown up stuff makes it really hard to schedule girl time. If you do get something scheduled, it’s usually dinner and bar hopping, which is fun but not really made for bonding. At a sleepover, you get to be with your girls for hours with nothing else in the way, allowing you to connect the way you’ve been wanting to for months.

Deep 2 A.M. Talks: Slumber parties will teach you about life, especially once you reach the part of the evening in which everyone is exhausted and honest. I know everyone says drunk people are honest, but I don’t really think that’s true (my best friend can’t really do a back flip, but drunk her claimed she could). Your best friend is way more likely to tell you her life secrets while drinking hot cocoa on your couch than drinking a mimosa at brunch because she will feel safer, and you want to be her confidant. So bring back the sleepovers ASAP so we can bond to our hearts’ desire.

You get to wear pajamas all night. You’re technically at a social gathering but you don’t have to wear a bra. Why would anyone say no to that??

You get a break from romantic pressure. Whether you’re in a relationship, healing from a break up, or on the prowl, a spend the night gives you the opportunity to put your love life on hold for a few hours. Love is weird and confusing, but quality time with your friends always makes sense.

You will laugh your ass off. No one can make you laugh harder than your best girls, and a sleepover gives you the chance to remember why you love them so much.