Color Me Happy

As humans, I think we rely on outside factors, like people and events, for our happiness far too often. Will I get picked for the promotion at work? Will it be an easy commute home? Will I get through an entire day without a run in my tights? Some events can be managed better than others, but nothing is in our full control. Without control, we tend to stress, and stress can bring unhappiness. It’s likely that if something happens you didn’t want, your mood will be negatively affected. This cycle has us worrying so much about the future and how events will pan out, leading us to forget to focus on, and live in, the current moment.

Photo by  R. Nial Bradshaw / VIA Flickr.

Photo by R. Nial Bradshaw/ VIA Flickr.

Coloring. It’s taking off in the adult world and for good reason. According to Medical Daily, Dr. Stan Rodski, a neuropsychologist and author of his own line of adult coloring books, says that coloring elicits a relaxing mindset, similar to what you would achieve through meditation. Coloring lets us switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus on the moment.

He’s right! There is something so meditative about opening up a coloring book and choosing the page, colors and place to start, while also producing something beautiful. You are in control. There aren’t many other activities that give you the same satisfication. Sure, reading is relaxing, but you have to start at page one and follow the pages in succession. Working out releases endorphins, which positively effect your mood, but you have to follow a workout plan to get any sort of results.

No time to color? Suggest it as a team-building activity in your next staff meeting! According to Fox News, Jason Abrams, an account manager at a New York City-based public relations firm, sparked a similar trend in his office – people meet on Fridays for a coloring session. Even if your boss isn’t as receptive of coloring breaks as Abrams, you can probably take the time during your lunch to just color for 15 minutes. Try it for a few days in a row and you'll likely start to see a change in your mood and productivity.

As a kid, coloring books were probably purchased for you. Since you're now an adult, so you can buy yourself whatever coloring book you want! And there are some doozies out there. See below for few to add to your Amazon shopping cart:

Swear words never looked so beautiful with The Sweary.

Secret Garden has some of the most intricate and striking designs. And since the paper is thicker and heavier, it fights the bleed-through from ink pens, allowing you to get into those tiny crevices!

For the cat lover, Creative Haven whipped up some really great feline designs.

Color Me Calm organizes over 100 templates into seven therapeutically-themed chapters including Water Scenes, Mandalas, Geometric Patterns and Spirituality.

Feature photo by David Blaikie/ VIA Flickr.