Staff Music Reccomendations

 Freshen up your daily soundtrack with a few of our favorites, from the folksy twang of Boy & Bear to the cheeky tunes of The 1975. Listen to the entire playlist here

If you like new artists with a soulful sound and matching lyrics, listen to

Lukas Graham

Photo by  Martin Jul Jönsson / VIA Flickr.

Photo by Martin Jul Jönsson/ VIA Flickr.

Jane Torbert, Contributing Writer

His voice is beautiful and his music tells a story that is relatable. This Danish singer has plenty of jams that get me through my morning commute, my lonely nights, and my happiest celebrations. "Mama Said," "Red Wine," "Drunk in the Morning," and "Criminal Mind," are a few of my favorites and definitely worth a head-bop.


If you like Lana Del Rey, then listen to

FKA Twigs

Photo by  Andreas Meixensperger / VIA Flickr.

Photo by Andreas Meixensperger/ VIA Flickr.

Nabeela Washington, Contributing Writer

FKA Twigs composes lovely blends of trip hop experimental electronic R&B. She also encompasses indietronica, layering and industrial sounds. I am always mesmerized by her sound and the freedom of expression and story-telling in her music.


If you like Mumford & Sons and Fleet Foxes, then listen to

Boy & Bear

Photo by  Paul Carless / VIA Flickr.

Photo by Paul Carless/ VIA Flickr.

Morgan Ratner, Contributing Writer

I'm all about Mumford's synchronized harmonies and Fleet Foxes stirring lyrics, and Boy & Bear delivers that folk-type vibe but amps it up with electric guitars and great beats. "Feeding Line" is my favorite lyrically, but "Part-Time Believer" has a rhythm that just won't leave my head and "Walk the Wire" is a little less folk and a lot more nighttime cruise down the highway.


If you like Etta James, Aretha Franklin, or any of those jazzy boss bitches, then listen to

Lake Street Dive



Meredith Clarke, Contributing Editor

This funky, modern take on the whole golden-oldie-big-band-with-killer-bassline business will make your heart melt and your hips swing. Their self-titled debut album is to die for, but honestly Bad Self Portriates takes the cake for me simply because the production value of the album is flat-out better. I've been listening to it non-stop since October and it still hasn't gotten old.


If you like the Alabama Shakes, you should listen to

St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Photo by  Lee Burchfield / VIA Flickr

Photo by Lee Burchfield/ VIA Flickr

Anne Claire Howard, Contributing Writer

Both bands are from Birmingham, Alabama, and they made names for themselves with their unique sounds and funk-rock/soul feel. Paul Janeway, the dubbed saint and lead singer of the Broken Bones, has a powerful, soulful voice, and it's not one you would expect to come out of the former preacher and mechanic assistant on first glance. Tracks like "Call Me" and "Don't Mean a Thing" keep me going throughout the work day, and their album Half the City help me wind down and put me in a good mood during my commute home. I'm going to their concert at the Saenger Theatre in Mobile, Alabama, in February, and I'm excited to experience them live.


If you like WALK THE MOON, then listen to

The 1975



Teraya Smith, Marketing and Publicity Director

If the lyrically driven and make you want to dance vibes of Walk the Moon was the soundtrack of your summer, then you'll love the equally catchy and energetic tunes of The 1975. With cheeky songs like "Chocolate" , "Girls" and "Love Me" there's no way you can sit still while they're playing. I dare you to try!


If you like the Fleet Foxes and Andre 3000, then check out


Photo by Drew Yorke/  The Come Up Show / VIA Flickr

Photo by Drew Yorke/ The Come Up Show/ VIA Flickr

Clayton Crawford, Contributing Writer

He's a relatively new and young, 19-year-old, artist from Atlanta who's either redefining rap or creating a genre of his own. With influences ranging from the immortal Outkast to the prophetic Father John Misty, his style and finesse is sure to win over the eclectic audiophile. He's definitely an artist to be on the lookout for in 2016.


If you like Veruca Salt, then listen to

Moonpools & Caterpillars



Leah Cover, Contributing Writer

If you like female-run vocals with grungy, mid-90's pop rock, you have found your next favorite band. The first two songs, "Hear" and "Ren," are my personal favorites because Kimi Encarnacion's vocals will pep you up no matter what the lyrics say. This band has a special connection with Disney Channel, and if you were as much a fan as I was, I bet you can easily guess which program featured them!


If you like Betty Who, then listen to

Troye Sivan



Addison Smith, Contributing Writer

The Australian popstar has budded from his YouTube career into a full blown musical artist. "YOUTH" is a catchy song with a nice beat, but the whole album puts you in a mellow mood with its hooks and lyrics. And... For all Betty Who fans, she is the featured artist on "HEAVEN" on Troye's latest album.


If you like Ben Folds Five, then listen to

Jukebox the Ghost

Photo by  Alexandra Bellink / VIA Flickr.

Photo by Alexandra Bellink/ VIA Flickr.

Wendell Britt, Contributing Writer

I fell in love with Jukebox the Ghost when they opened for Ben Folds in Manhattan, KS in 2009 and have been following their career ever since. They are the three piece power pop band from DC with a quirky but fun setup (drums guitar and piano). Listen to their album Safe Travels  for the group at their peak piano forward fun and poppy excellence, but it you’re looking for zany underproduced post-apocalyptic pop medleys, their first album Live and Let Ghosts will be sure to please.


If you like The Decemberists, then listen to


Photo by Kasey Elliot/  Treefort Music Fest / VIA Flickr.

Photo by Kasey Elliot/ Treefort Music Fest/ VIA Flickr.

Kirsten Samanich, Art Director

Zac Little's guitar riffs as paired with the ridiculously soul-excavating lyrics will have you quickly questioning everything you ever thought you knew about weird, exaggeratedly amplified mustaches and beginning to mistake his face for a fluffy, scarcely washed angel (worry not--this is a temporary symptom, all sense will return to you eventually).

If you like Adele, then listen to


Photo by  Jean Francois Hayeur / VIA Flickr.

Photo by Jean Francois Hayeur/ VIA Flickr.

Bridget O’Toole, Social Media Marketer

On repeat. For the rest of your life.


If you like CHVRCHΞS, listen to




Lauren Moriarty, Editor-in-Chief

I've fallen for Låpsey's groovy, punchy and all around cool vibe. Mellow "Brownlow" is my latest get-shit-done work anthem and "Hurt Me" reminds us all that sometimes haters are our best motivators.

Feature photo by Owen Mcilmail.