Summer '16 Staff Playlist

Weather is getting warmer, pools will be open soon, and festival fliers are popping up left and right. That can only mean one thing, summer is right around the corner. Sure it's the season for bumming on the beach or playing it cool with a night time drive, but what's the summer without a playlist to be the soundtrack of your life? We asked the staff here at ANNA what their summer '16 jams were and here's the list:

Finish Line / Drown  by Chance the Rapper feat. T-Pain, Kirk Franklin, Eryn Allen Kane, & Noname

“The penultimate track from Chance the Rapper’s widely acclaimed mixtape, Coloring Book, is actually a two-parter that expertly and deftly mixes gospel grooves with energizing R&B/Rap flows, horn sections and top-shelf performances by the extensive featured artists on the track. The regular kick of the drums keeps the energy high and Chance’s half-sing/rap style with his uplifting quasi-spiritual lyrics makes the whole experience fun and refreshing and keeps your toes tapping through the first part. He brings it down for the second half by stripping away the instruments only to bring it back up again by layering a cappella grooves to a joyous horn filled climax.”  — Wendell Britt

Medicine (The Chainsmokers Remix) by Daughter

"This remix has been around for years, but I've yet to come across a more current song that edges out this ethereal-meets-dance jam. It's always the first song to pop into my mind when I get in the car - rain or shine, windows rolled up or down (though, down is highly recommended). There's just something so versatile about it that makes me want to listen both when I'm sitting by the pool with my friends having the best day, and when I'm just laying on my bed feeling a little blue. Seriously, you can never go wrong with this one." — Caroline Barr

Breezeblocks by alt-J

"Something about the beat puts an extra pep in my step! It's a cool song with a weird message. Nevertheless, it makes me feel unstoppable. It gives the impression that my sunglasses really are hater blockers." — Jane Torbert

Sunday Candy by Donnie Trumpet, the Social Experiment, and Chance the Rapper

"I was first exposed to this song by the dulcet sounds of Anna Kendrick's voice when she sang the chorus in an interview. From that small riff she sang, I was hooked. This song is so catchy and happy. I dare anyone to listen to this song and not start to smile. This song has everything: a catchy as hell chorus, a sweet rap section, cool beats, and a kickass choir singing at the end. It's best played loudly in your car with your windows rolled down. Bonus: If you want to see some sweet dance moves check out the music video too." — Julia Templeton 

Angels by Chance the Rapper.

"From the words to the beat, Chance breathes a new life into rap music—especially in this song. He intertwines hints of gospel into this song to create something completely new, meaningful and totally grooveable." — Robyn Schmitz

On a Could  by PPP featuring Karma

“This song found me on Pandora while I was listening to a Lauryn Hill playlist (which everyone should do). As soon as the horns come in in the second measure, my hips are swerving. You can't not move to this song. The beat is bangin', the music makes you holler, and Karma's voice is a rocky diamond. Pairs best with sunshine.” — Meredith Clarke

Art School Wannabe by Sorority Noise

“It's a perfect windows-down headbanger for long summer drives, and the chorus is a great way to shake off any residual winter sadness.” — Samantha Richmond

Hold Up by Beyonce

"A collaboration with Father John Misty, get outta here! This song is best enjoyed with the windows down." —Rebecca Sheehan

Ain't No Man by The Avett Brothers

"I've had this song on repeat for days, and I just can't seem to tire of it! It’s funky, upbeat tone is perfect for summer's spent lounging by the pool, sunbathing on the beach, or just chilling at home. It's a nice change of pace from some of their other more somber songs like The Ballad of Love and Hate or Murder in the City.The lyrics are catchy and meaningful, and they'll have you laughing out loud while you sing along to it’s quirky and relatable music video." —Anna Claire Howard

Back Pocket by Vulfpeck.

"They're a semi-new funk group and Back Pocket is super catchy and fun to sing along to!"  —Julianna Zink

The John Wayne by Little Green Cars.

"It's actually been my favorite song for a couple of months now, but the buildup of tempo and general catchiness makes it a great summer jam. The lyrics are so clever while being #relatable and I just think this is a great little gem of a song. Shoutout to Spotify's Discover Weekly for finding it for me.  —Sara Lacy Graham

Call Off Your Dogs  by Lake Street Dive

It's bouncy, sassy, jazzy and a damn good time. It's like if the Jackson 5 and and Ella Fitzgerald had a music baby . —Elise Poston

Can't Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake.

"JT is back with a vengeance in this latest single, and it's exactly what I want to hear during the summer. The upbeat tune will have you dancing in the car and signing in the shower within seconds!" —Samantha Anne Grindell

"This song makes me happy. It makes me want to roll the windows down on a summer drive so I can feel the sun and the breeze as I awkwardly dance in a seated position." —Bridget O’Toole

“On the Regular” by Shamir

"This is THE perfect song for when you’re feeling yourself or in need of a quick confidence boost. Blast it when you’re getting ready for your night out, on your way to the beach, or just strutting down the street. There’s no way not to feel like the -ish after this one." —Teraya Smith

I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers.

"I imagine this would be lovely driving to the beach with the wind whipping your hair. For now, I'll settle with listening it on lazy Sunday runs (read: painfully slow jogs) in the park and while blocking out weirdos on the subway." —Lauren Moriarty

Lay Down by Son Little.

"Swooning from the depths of my lullaby childhood, this song hit me like a calm, fat storm of relaxation. Put away the anxiety, tuck it into your back pocket, go out for an aimless walk, and just listen to this." —Kirsten Samanich

Listen to the playlist on Spotify here.

Feature photo VIA Pexels.