Tonight's Presidential Debate: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

After 3 years of please-make-it-stop election coverage, the first presidential debate finally happened. What initially looked like an official affair with the potential for decorum quickly spiraled into the candidates shouting over each other and plugging their websites.

Were our expectations too low? Too high? Whatever your opinion, we’ve collected some memorable quotes from the evening’s events.

candidates making valid points or exceeding expectations

-        “The question in this election is what kind of country we want to be, and what kind of prosperity we want to create.” - Hillary Clinton

-        “For 30 years you’ve been doing it [working on the economy and trade] – why are you just thinking of solutions now?” – Donald Trump

-        “Broad-based, inclusive growth is what we need in America, not policies that reward people at the top.” – HC

-        “You need better relationships – I agree with Secretary Clinton on this – you need better relationships between communities and police.” – DT

-        If you’re an African American man, and you do the same thing as a white man, you are more likely to be arrested, charged, convicted and incarcerated.” – HC

-        “When a person is on a watch list or no fly list… even if they shouldn’t be… [they should not get to purchase guns].” – DT

candidates losing sight of questions or underperforming

-        “What [China] is doing to us is a very bad thing.” – DT

-        “The Fed is doing political” – DT (???)

-        “Donald has painted a very negative picture of black communities… there is a lot we should be supporting and lifting up.” – HC

-        The Donald’s response to the birther allegations – yikes

-        “It’s a tremendously successful club. I’m so glad I did it.” – DT, talking about founding a country club in Palm Beach, FL

-        I think my temperament is my best asset – DT (no words)

cringeworthy, disrespectful, or outright ridiculous behavior

-        “I call it Trumped Up Trickle Down.” – HC 

-        “In all fairness to Secretary Clinton – you good? Ok, I want you to be very happy. That’s very important to me.” – DT

-        “Lester, how much time does she have left?” – DT, about 30 seconds into HC’s answers

-        The Donald’s Exact Interruption Count – well, we lost count. A lot. It was a whole lot.

-        [to moderator] “No, you’re wrong.” – DT – also lost count

Feature photo:  Ted Eytan / VIA Flickr.