Fall TV Dramas to Get Your Mind off Your Own Drama

It’s somehow already October, the month we wait for every year and not just because of the costumes and candy. The colder weather also makes it high time for TV since the lower temps mean you have an excuse to make like a hermit crab and hole up inside your house. But the start of fall also means the beginning of the holiday season and, for all you college kids, midterms. Life’s about to get hectic which makes this the perfect time to ignore your responsibilities and get lost in the problems of fictional television characters instead. To help you escape reality, here’s a list of some of October’s best dramas. (WARNING: possible spoilers ahead.)

1. This Is Us

The second season of NBC’s dramedy already premiered on Sept. 26th but you still have time to catch up and YOU NEED TO CATCH UP. The show follows “The Big Three,” aka Kate, Kevin, and Randall, all of whom were born on the same day. This Is Us has a time-jumping narrative and lots of emotional drama to wreck your heart, so if you like that type of stuff, tune in. With tissues.

2. The Good Doctor 

Freddie Highmore stars in ABC’s The Good Doctor as Dr. Shaun Murphy, an autistic surgeon struggling to find his way at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Although its premiere on Sept. 25th has gotten mixed reviews, I think we all need to fill our Freddie Highmore void after the end of Bates Motel. It was fun while it lasted, Mother. 

3. Supernatural

If you’re looking for something to binge-watch, this show has twelve seasons of brothers Sam and Dean Winchester hunting and killing demonic creatures. Just when you think there’s nothing else they can do with the show, BAM – (SPOILER) Dean kills Death with his own scythe. If you’re already caught up for the season 13 premiere on Oct. 12th, then please, carry on my wayward son. 

4. Once Upon a Time

I think this show has sustained its popularity mainly because we all secretly want to live in a fairy tale world. And also because there are a lot of hot guys. (Seriously, Prince Charming? Captain Hook? Robin Hood? Is “being hot” in their contract?) But now that the main character Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) has left the show, along with some other regulars, we’ll have to see how season 7 holds up on Oct. 6th on ABC.

5. Scandal

Plot twists and blackmail and revenge, oh my! On Oct. 5th, the seventh and last season of Scandal premieres on ABC, and it’s gonna be a good one, y’all. Shonda Rhimes, the creator, said “Next year we are going all out. Leaving nothing on the table.” *collective gulp*

6. The Walking Dead

If you’re not watching The Walking Dead yet… um, why? Everyone says it’s good because it is THAT GOOD. Don’t let the zombies throw you off; this show actually presents an examination of survival and humanity at its lowest point. Plus, a war is about to go down between Rick and Negan and I’m scared. Hurry up, Oct. 22nd. 

7. Riverdale

Riverdale follows Archie Andrews and his friends who are based off the characters in the Archie Comics. The storyline revolves around the murder (dundundun) of Jason Blossom, the twin brother of the beautiful (and somewhat crazy) Cheryl. The show covers it all from mystery to romance to criminal gangs. And (SPOILER), I need to see what happens with Bughead in season 2 on Oct. 11th. I will go down with that ship.

8. Stranger Things

A missing boy. Three of his best friends. Teenage romance. A strange girl with supernatural powers. A Demogorgon. The Upside Down. 1980s vibes. All of this together equals a show too good to describe. You need to watch it now. Right now. Why are you still reading this? GO TO NETFLIX AND WATCH SEASON 1 BEFORE THE NEW SEASON STARTS ON OCT. 27th.

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