#MCM: Grant Sims

Law school is no walk in the park (despite how easy Elle Woods makes it seem in Legally Blonde), which is why we’re focusing on Grant Sims, a current student at Vanderbilt Law School. Grant is in first year at Vanderbilt. He likes gas station hot dogs and wants to make sure women have a more powerful presence in the workforce. “I don’t think we see enough of that yet but I think the more we can get women engaged politically and in high levels of business the better we will be off,” says Sims. Swoon.

on possibly running kentucky

“So politics is a right place, right time kind of business, and so I hesitate to say that I have any plans, but to the extent that I have aspirations, it would be to run in Kentucky, and try to do my part on the state or federal level. It doesn’t really matter to me; I am open to anything really as long as I can play a role in helping shape policies going forward. But the main things that I think are important and that Kentucky would benefit a great deal from are changes in education—trying to increase the amount of students we have excelling in schools, making sure that we have the best teachers in the country.”

on Henry Clay

“My mom likes to talk about how I always had these little political books that talked about famous figures through history and right now I have a portrait of Henry Clay in my bedroom actually hanging up…it’s always been something that’s been interesting to me. I think there’s a lot of potential to do good things in politics. You know, right now is a bad example, but if you really understand what our system is about then there’s almost limitless potential. I think if we start to get a lot of good people who are chosen to do the right thing and not so concerned about just the election and their own political power, then we can start to make a lot of good changes.”

on sports and gas station hotdogs

“So right now it’s difficult to have too many hobbies. I try to keep up to date on current events, but I’d hardly say that’s a hobby. I play tennis whenever I can. Now that that’s starting to pick up again, I’ll probably get back out on the court. I played soccer growing up so I play with the law school team a pretty decent amount, and uh, usually not a day goes by that I don’t eat a gas station hotdog.”

on dinner dates

“I think that Isaac Newton would be a fascinating guy to have dinner with. I think he was the smartest person ever to live, so just to bounce my ideas off of him and see what he would think about modern science would be cool. Also my favorite, one of my favorite political figures I should say, is Thomas Jefferson and I think that he would be someone that would be a really fun dinner guest. Kennedy, one time at the White House, was talking to a group of scientists and said that, to the group, ‘this is the most brain power that has been in the White House since Thomas Jefferson dined alone.’ So I’ve always kind of thought that was cool. He was a fascinating guy, he did all sorts of stuff on many topics and so he’d be somebody who’d be fun to eat dinner with I suppose.”