Women on Top: Kelly Stuckey

Mother, hairstylist, and small business owner Kelly Stuckey has made her dreams come true through hard work and dedication to her faith. Located in Fayettville, Arkansas, Kelly and her husband, Zac, co-own a salon and spa called Crown Beauty Bar where Kelly hopes to encourage other women to embrace their own unique appearance. Rather than focusing on strict beauty rules and regulations, Kelly believes in helping other women discover what makes them feel their best, which we think deserves some major applause. 

How Crown Beauty Bar Got Started

"To us, it was all very obvious that it was God's plan as doors were closing and others were opening.  I had been working as an independent contractor stylist at a booth rental salon, Studio 8, where I was able to quickly build my client base out of school.  I started to gain more of a desire to learn, I was overflowing with marketing ideas, and interested in becoming an educator. My husband, Zac, had been working as a Creative Director for a company that was closing down his department spurring him to do his own graphic design business out of our home. After several months of praying about if I was really supposed to leave to open my own salon, the perfect space became available and God made it very clear it was time. I loved the people I had been working with so that made leaving even more complicated, it's hard to leave a good thing! The beautiful thing is now 4 years later, we were offered an opportunity and have purchased Studio 8, making it our 2nd location called Crown Uptown!"

What is your goal or mission for Crown Beauty Bar? 

"My ultimate mission with Crown Beauty Bar is to provide a positive beauty atmosphere where clients can leave feeling as beautiful as they look and even learn a beauty trick or two!  I also strive to curate a work environment where our stylists and beauty professionals can learn, grow and provide exceptional customer service. The name Crown Beauty Bar came about one day while I was out walking in the park. God told me that people are his Crown of Creation and it is our opportunity to make them feel beautiful and loved. I wanted a head-to-toe beauty environment with hair, makeup, skincare and nail services using top quality products that promote health just as much as outer beauty." 

I want all women to feel comfortable in their own skin and for our beauty professionals to help them bring out their beauty instead of making women feel like they need to look a certain way.

I'm sure you have good days and bad days like everyone, but how do you juggle everything from motherhood to being a hairstylist and small business owner? When those bad days do hit, how do you keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed?

"Prayer and asking for help! When I am overwhelmed, I dig into God's Word, play some worship music and remind myself that this life is all to reflect God's glory and remind myself I do not have to have it all together. When I am weak, that is when God shows up in a big way! I have really had to seek God's will and plan for my life to know how to best spend my time. I've learned more about leadership, delegation, and asking for help.  We have an amazing staff and salon manager that has taken on some of my responsibilities. My husband is an incredible business partner and deeply cares for the success of our business and every employee. It is not possible for me to maintain the client base I built even though I love doing hair! I've cut my hours behind the chair back drastically and I also work with an assistant so I can see more clients in the few hours I am doing hair.  It has honestly been a little hard to cut back because I genuinely love the relationships and creativity that come with being a stylist. God reminds me that He called me to salon ownership and leadership to help other women grow, not to just have my own self-fulfilling career. It has been a humbling experience.

Becoming a mother has been the greatest gift and is now my top priority. Our son was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism, and it can come with several health concerns.  We've had many trips to Arkansas Children's Hospital and doctors visits with specialists, but he is very healthy and we thank God everyday for no surgeries or complications!  He has weekly sessions with a physical therapist and developmental therapist that I like to be present for so I can learn how to work with him during the week.  Thankfully, a lot of the work I do for Crown involves marketing, education/event planning, etc., that I can do after he goes to bed or during long naps.  Zac and I totally co-parent, co-own, divide and conquer, and lean heavy on each other.

I feel like Instagram can become a pretty competitive place when people start to worry more about their number of likes than anything else, but yours feels so positive and uplifting. How do you hope to inspire others?

“I remind myself that I am called to honor and please God first, not to gain popularity. I do not post pictures or words for my glory alone.  I view Instagram as a place where I can promote my business in order to not only provide for myself, but promote a workplace that provides for 30 other families. I love to share beauty tips, local favorites, and what God is speaking to me or doing in our lives in hopes that it can encourage someone else.”

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.