Adorable Prints Based On Your Daily Hashtag Because #Millennials

Vanessa and Ingrid

Vanessa and Ingrid

New Zealand natives Vanessa and Ingrid know just how effective the power of words can be. Their Etsy shop, Lucia and Luciana, spreads encouragement in an easy and accessible way with their downloadable (and cute!) wall art and quotes. From nursery-room decor to college-dorm inspiration, Lucia and Luciana has a range of art to adorn your walls with positivity. It’s hard to start the day on the wrong foot when “hello gorgeous” is the first thing you see after waking up.

“It began as an outlet for our creativity when we were both on maternity leave,” say Vanessa and Ingrid, who are both mothers, graphic designers, and art teachers. “Our goal was to have an interest that was separate to our day to day mother duties. We first started a food blog where we used to have sister vs. sister cooking competitions. We started creating the food photography and we added interesting typography over the pictures. We found that we started to have a love of typography so our first range for Etsy began with typography and quotes. It kind of grew from there. We started to have a bit of success which gave us the motivation to keep trying new things.”

Vanessa teaches graphic design to kids aged 11 and 12, while Ingrid teaches painting, printmaking, and drawing at the high school level. “Art is an evocative way you can communicate your ideas, thoughts or feelings to the world,” say the girls.

Lucia and Luciana has a print to get you through every day of the week, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites below.

When you need a confidence boost for your #SelfieSunday, this print has your back.


If you’re looking for a little #MondayMotivation, try pinning this up on the wall.

This print will give you the tough love you need for your next #TransformationTuesday.

To get you through your hump-day slump, we’ve found the perfect #WednesdayWisdom.

This #ThrowbackThursday, reminisce on where you’ve been and how far you’ve come.

Finally, kickoff the weekend with some #Friyay inspo.