Women on Top: Diana Ross

Self-made business owner Diana Ross helps spread love through the art of jewelry. Her Etsy shop, SM Made, features a wide array of hand stamped jewelry all adorned with inspirational and loving phrases. From handmade rings to necklaces, SM Made allows customers to share something special with their loved ones.

SM Made started when this mother of four had her second child. “Then it came to me in 2011, an opportunity for me to stay home when I had my second son. I took the chance knowing that the only way we could make was if I did my Etsy shop full time,” says Diana. “ When I first started, I didn’t know much about running my own business and had to gain knowledge from reading books on business. My husband told me to do what I loved and that we would be fine. So I overtook the dining room and made it my work room. I started to create hand stamped jewelry in my Etsy shop and it has just added to my love of the arts, creating wonderful personalized jewelry for everyone!”

The Ross family.

The Ross family.

Diana has been successfully running her business for six years. She is based at a studio at her home where she singlehandedly processes, hand stamps and ships her orders, with a little help from her young twins. “It doesn’t come easy,” Diana says. “I’ve had to work hard to get where I am today.” With over 14,000 sales on Etsy, her hard work is paying off. 

SM Made offers a variety of sweetly stamped pieces so you can accessorize with positivity. A few of our favorites below! 

It's easy to forget, so this ring is here to remind you that you are enough. 

I am enough ring by Diana Ross

Wearing this cuff bracelet will give you that extra push. 

It's hard to start off the day wrong when you stir your morning coffee with a sunny greeting from this hand stamped spoon.

These and more can be found on Diana’s Etsy page, SM Made and her website.