At-Home Fitness Hacks That Help You Avoid The Gym

Happy 2018, everyone! You all know what this means: New year, new everything. ’Tis the season of reset vacation day countdowns, making your 7s look like 8s every time you write the date, and incredibly overcrowded gyms.

Since getting fit is such a popular resolution, it’s a little daunting to even think about going to the gym if a fight could break out over the last elliptical machine. Besides, membership fees are expensive for people on a budget, and not everyone has the time to stick to a spin or Zumba class schedule.

If you’re looking to get in shape for little more than the cost of a yoga mat and some weights, there are hoards of online resources to help you along. Stay away from the gym (and out of the cold) by working out at home instead—just don’t get back in bed after you’re through.


With the vast array of workout apps out there, it’s difficult to know which ones are worth your time. But once you find one you like, there is no excuse for not using your phone to get on your feet instead of playing Two Dots. 

Whether you’ve done yoga before but forgot how to twist your body into every position or you’re new to the art, the app gives you everything you need to know. With over 300 poses and 45 full routines, you’ll never have to worry about getting bored. The app includes pictures, videos, and diagrams of what muscles you using for every pose.


adidas All Day Fitness

For those of you whose resolutions include healthy living in general, All Day Fitness has it all. In addition to workouts, you can log sleeping and eating, find healthy recipes, and even practice meditation. adidas just released this last June, but they update their routines and resources every month to keep things fresh.


Freeletics Bodyweight

No equipment, no problem! For Freeletics, all you need to get fit is your body. NYCers, you’ll especially love this one: If your at-home workout really means in-a-box workout, you’re in luck! Check out the 2x2 to find workouts you can do in a 2 meters x 2 meters space, so you’re not bumping into your bed every time you do a lunge.


YouTube Channels

If you’re looking for quick workouts, you can find videos on YouTube any time, anywhere. The good thing about this is that you can search for basically anything and pull it up in a minute tops.


XHIT Daily

I love this channel because they have so many different videos available. You can choose from over 600 videos ranging from full body workouts to videos targeting specific areas you want to tone. Sample all of their trainers or stick to one you really like, and keep an eye out for a new XHIT video every workday!



Every Blogilates workout is hosted by Cassey Ho, so if you watch enough of her videos, you get to know her pretty well. This is great for anyone who’s ever dreamed of splurging on a personal trainer. She’s cute, funny, and creative, and that plus beautiful backdrops and killer graphics make learning Pilates (and more) is easy and fun.



This channel, run by a lively husband and wife duo, understands the struggles of working out. FitnessBlender includes resources for individuals and workouts you can do with others to keep up the motivation. You can find videos from seven minutes to 30+, so no matter your time frame, they have a workout to fit your busy schedule.



Sometimes you need more than some poses or a video to get pumped, which is where fitness blogs come in! If you want to spend a little more time reading up about workout regimens or getting extra tips, try checking out these sites.


Fit Bottomed Girls

With articles, interviews, and podcasts, you can carry the FBGs with you on basically any platform. It includes a wealth of knowledge on many fitness-related topics, covering everything from burning calories in yoga class to how to pack for working out on vacation. Oh, and don’t miss their side-blogs for mothers, foodies, meditators, and others who want more specific training.



One of the most popular health blogs, Greatist is an awesome resource for listicle-style workout regimes and advice on living a healthier life in all areas. They also do product reviews, so this blog is good for anyone looking to stock up on food, equipment, or accessories (even menstrual discs!) to get in the training mood.



Kasey Brown has a pretty cool story about how she got into fitness after overcoming an eating disorder. She provides a thorough and organized list of resources, including Zumba videos and other workouts, as well as recipes to inspire you to help you keep your resolution all year long.

Feature image by Form via Unsplash