Lauren Moriarty, Editor

I live in Manhattan, where I enjoy pretending to enjoy running, baking and then forgetting things in the oven, watching Murder She Wrote and other geriatric activities. I’m passionate about French fries (thus the running).

McKinley Keener, Assistant Editor

I watch just enough Netflix to be considered a college student (and blog about it just enough to be considered an English major). Things I’m good at: recognizing film score composers and editing really boring manuscripts. Things I’m not good at: poaching eggs and math. When I’m not at school, you can usually find me at the movie theater (come February, you bet I’ll have seen every Oscar nom) or a museum (thanks, Dad, for pushing history on me as a kid). Check any Carmike or the North Carolina Museum of History first. I’ll be the one carrying a tote bag and looking overwhelmed.

Sarah Nelson, Staff Writer

I’m a short story loving, Greek yogurt consuming, Rory Gilmore wannabe. When I’m not quoting every line of the Harry Potter movies, you can find me slinging drinks (read: soda) and dancing the Cha Cha Slide at my local skating rink. Social interaction isn’t my strong suit, but I can spout off facts about astrology like it’s my job. If it seems like I’m looking at you weird when we first meet, it's because I’m trying to guess your zodiac sign. 

Meagan Guild, Artist

I am an elementary drama school teacher by day, essentially clowning around and doing superhero type stuff, and an illustrator by night. I am a serious stationary addict and bullet journal enthusiast (look it up, you’ll get it) and have spent an exorbitant amount on my collection of pens and markers. When I'm not working or drawing, I’m wandering around NYC contemplating the mysteries of life. For instance, where are all the baby pigeons? They must come from somewhere. Is there a pigeon city with a baby pigeon day care? We may never know...

Teraya Smith, Marketing & Publicity Director

There are only two things in life that are absolute to me; your friends are part of your family and tacos are acceptable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you see a girl walking around Morristown, NJ in a colorful hair wrap, huge headphones blaring old school hip-hop, and in an oversized college t-shirt/sweater, it’s probably me. I’ve been known to have a serious RBF but an equally serious goofy streak. Movies and TV sitcoms from the 1990s are part of my life force, along with their theme songs and soundtracks. Don't believe me? Check me out on Spotify.

Taryn Pire, Contributing Editor

Editorial Interns:
Sara Lacey Graham, Emilie Kefalas, Cassidy Lee

Video Production Intern:
Julia Bauer